The heart is symbolic of our emotional center and our physical health. Holistic counseling offers practical support for your integrated mind and body system—your emotional and physical well-being. You will be gently guided to take consistent small steps of both introspection and action, and with each step, you will move closer to the core of your calm, centered, and vibrant self.

Individual, couples, and family therapy is offered treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and addiction.

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Join others in the Nashville área for Body, Time, and Emotional "Freedom" Workshops.

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One and three month Body, Time, and Emotional Wellness Coaching Programs offered through combination of phone and email support.

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Join others for sharing, moving, and emotional support. Meetings occur Every other Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00 pm at Nashville Integrated Medicine.


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"My therapeutic adventure with Carolyn is extraordinary and wonderful. Beyond her knowledge of nutrition, psychology, counseling techniques, philosophy and the human condition, Carolyn's practice is founded, foremost, in compassion. It is by way of her true caring, complete acceptance and love for me as a human being, that I feel safe in doing this, sometimes very emotional, work with her. It is Carolyn's loving kindness, combined with her comprehensive expertise, which helps me to heal from past wounds, find joy, peace and serenity in the present, and leads me on a path of living my true nature. What a great recipe for freedom and success! Carolyn, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

~ Hadyn

“This course is about so much more than weight loss…It has positively impacted my self image and my relationships with others. I am discovering the ‘why’ behind my eating patterns. It is not about ‘depriving’ myself of certain foods to lose weight, but rather choosing the foods that are in tune with what I really want: a healthy and happy me! The end result is true freedom: A guiltless state of self-acceptance!”

~ Denise

"Carolyn's psychotherapy sessions are very different from traditional talk-therapy. She consistantly guides me to listen to my body and to allow my body to express what I am feeling. All I can say is when I leave I feel so much better!"

~ Lori G.

"Dr. Kutsko has carefully counseled me through a very complicated, complex, and painful period in my life. As a professional therapist, she is deeply compassionate, an excellent listener, and extremely well versed in her field. Dr. Kutsko offers practical suggestions which often lead to long-term solutions, making one's time with her a rejuvenating and healing experience."

~ Nancy G.

"Finding and working with Carolyn as a therapist has been life changing for me. At each session she focuses on ME intently, listening and remembering what I have to say. I will always remember the session she asked me a question that I wasn’t expecting; it was a question that got down to the source of what I needed to deal with in my life. I am impressed with how intuitive she is with me. Carolyn has a wonderful smile; her warmth and caring is immediately evident when you meet her. She is a genuine person without a doubt, but also an impressive therapist."

~ Carol S.

"My therapy with Carolyn has lifted my depression, anxiety, and a life-long struggle with food and weight. Carolyn helps me get to the root of my issues; she gently invites me to look within, and as a result I have a deeper connection with myself and my body -- I have let go of many harmful beliefs and behaviors."

~ Joane

“The Renew You Program is an extraordinary blend of transformational tools that create instant results. I am very grateful to this program which is at last finally providing me with what my body, soul and spirit desire to fully heal and grow. I encourage everyone at any level of healing and recovery to join this great program.”

~ Alison Brock

"Carolyn’s coaching is like an energizing shot in the arm. She is always a consistent source of inspiration and information. Since I started drinking Greens I have lost 30 pounds and have overcome numerous challenges including fibromyoma and severe joint pain. My cholesterol dropped 50 points in 2 months, my skin cleared up, and I feel terrific! I love the fact that even if I occasionally go off of my "True to You" eating plan I don’t gain weight or fall back into dis-ease because I can quickly regain balance."

~ Lisa / Nashville

"I lost 75lbs in a year and a half and have kept it off for another year! I have gained and lost that same weight over the past 15 years and believe the difference was Carolyn's coaching during my weight loss journey that has allowed me to keep it off! She presented her ideas and strategies in a way that clicked for me! Her support was consistent and I knew she knew what challenges I faced everyday, because she has dealt with them herself. She is still there to this day and has become a good friend."

~ Karin Gonick / Haverhill Massachusetts

"The 30 day cleanse was so easy to navigate with my busy schedule. The weight I had been struggling and struggling to lose finally came off. I lost 13 pounds in 21 days and feel like I finally have hope again that I can regain a fit and healthy body. I am so encouraged! Thank you!"

~ Emily / Nashville