As a psychotherapist, Carolyn offers unconditional positive regard and relational presence in the exploration of both ones present family/relational system as well as how ones upbringing and past experiences influence present day struggles. She utilizes body-centered therapeutic practices facilitating the reduction of emotional and physical tension, the alleviation of suffering, and the restoration of a life filled with beliefs and practices reflective of your authentic, true, non-adaptive self. EMDR, Relational Somatic Psychotherapy (PEER), and Yoga Therapy are all available body-centered modalities.

She invites you to:
• MOVE through mindfulness, from out-of-control experiences into well-being
• TRANSFORM the underlying beliefs and patterns that drive addiction and suffering
• LIVE in alignment with the heart
• ENHANCE connection with body and self through breath, setting boundaries, and self-nurture
• EXPERIENCE greater well-being by tuning into and expressing emotional tension
• ENJOY the reality that your essential self is non-compulsive • INFUSE life with vitality and creativity

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Carolyn offers sessions for individuals, couples, children, and teens. Therapeutic Areas of focus: Eating Disorders Addiction Trauma Recovery Depression & Anxiety Sexuality Relationship Challenges/Love Addiction

Dr. Kutsko sees clients at her Nashville Integrated Medicine Office. Telephone sessions are also available.
Office Address:  2933 Berry Hill Dr. Nashville, TN 37204

Seeing patients now also in her Franklin office. Call or email to set up an appointment:
Cost Per Session: $175 (Sliding scale rates may be available)

Carolyn offers a non-judgmental, therapeutic relationship
walking gently with you through your uniquely personal
stages of renewal and healing.